shades of melanin

I’ll be the first to confess,
boy I made a big mess,
thought I was so clever,
now I nevi say never.

Guess hindsight’s 20/20,
you were textbook ABCDE,
mistook you as a crime,
but you’re just benign.

Pattern recognition’s a skill,
but it’s a cognitive bias, too,
if I’d a clue, trust me, I’d redo
this mountain of a molehill.

Read you like a book cover,
guess that’s why it’s over,
but there’s a lot to discover
under your atypical color.

Now I’m left with a hole,
for real, not only in my soul,
my instinct told me to run,
but nursing a scar ain’t fun.

Didn’t want to miss a carcinoma,
so mistook nevus for melanoma.
Now given pathologic precision,
it seems like a silly decision.

For you, it must be tragic
to be labelled “dysplastic,”
rumors are hard to quell,
I know, I was an easy sell.

Knew I was in trouble
my mind far too gullible,
I saw malignant potential
instead of something special.

Truth is, I’m in pain
thinking it was in vain,
there’s nothing I can fake
to justify my mistake.

Like any clinical decision,
always shades of gray,
it’s easy to be mistaken,
that’s how you got away.


–last updated on 6/25/18–


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