Who are these poems written for?

Writing these poems began as a fun way to learn/teach dermatology topics I came across and re-infuse creativity into my medical training. They are as fictional as they are corny and for anyone who finds them educational and/or entertaining.

Can you or your poems offer medical advice?

Though I try to make my writing as medically and scientifically accurate as wit can allow, it certainly does not substitute for medical advice from your physician.

Can I share or use poems from this site?

Of course, I appreciate it. All I request is that it is strictly for non-commercial use (i.e. not intended to make a profit) – ideally in the name of learning or a well-spent study break – and that you identify cornyfiedverse.com as the place you found the whole poem and/or its excerpts to avoid any copyright infringements (if you’re unsure what constitutes “non-commercial use,” contact me).

P.S. Sometimes I will go back and edit or rewrite certain portions on a rainy day, hence the italicized “last updated on xxx” at the bottom!




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